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The story of Sports Plus begins with its founding by two parents in their passionate quest to realize physical and social potential that might otherwise stay dormant for a lifetime in their son and many others similar to him.  The story has now continued for over fourteen years and in more than 4,000 families that have taken part in its programs. The difference and impact of Sports Plus is best captured by the words of the families we serve.

Here is what some of them had to say:

"Having a child with multiple needs, is not an easy path to be on. Despite his interest the sport of swimming seemed to outgrow my son. I was heartbroken...until I found Sports Plus . They alone were able to offer the very specialized instruction he needed and meet his needs. After a year of work with Sports Plus, he was able to swim on his summer swim team and swim competitively with a neurotypical swim team completely independently. This all happened because of Sports Plus. You gave my child so much strength, encouragement, support and skills that he was able to achieve the impossible. I cannot thank Sports Plus enough for that. With Sports Plus, the sky is the limit for my son and others like him and the path I have to travel is shining a little brighter. The impossible can become possible with Sports Plus!"

- Hunter’s Mom

"My son is involved with the Sports Plus swim program and teen socials. For parents with disabled kids, this program is a Godsend. My son relates well with adults, however giving him an age appropriate social outlet has been next to impossible. He just isn’t able to keep up with “typical” peers. Their conversations move too quickly, they are physically much stronger than he is, and his differences make it hard for him, and other kids, to want to spend time together. Sports Plus offers a typical outlet (rock climbing, putt putt golf, bowling…) for non typical kids with supervision. He absolutely loves the activities. My son has a non-disabled brother (14 months his junior) who has numerous social outlets through school, friends, etc… that he just doesn’t have. The Sports Plus team gives him the chance to be a regular kid, meeting and playing with others who have similar limitations, doing things that teenagers like to do. To be honest, without Sports Plus, I’m not sure where we would ever would have found this outlet for my son."

- Sam’s Dad

"Sports Plus has taken on some of the most complex Autism Spectrum issues by moving beyond text books to the “real world”. Their innovative athletic classes, for instance, teach skills such as swimming or soccer on a level that the child on the spectrum can understand and process."

- Dominic's Dad

"My son is 15 years old and quite honestly, has NEVER had more than a couple kids come over to the house in his whole life. It is not that my son doesn’t want to have friends; he yearns to have friends but has never been in social situations where he can feel comfortable and successful and learn. Sports Plus has tackled this issue by providing frequent social gatherings that include both neurotypical kids as volunteers and kids with special needs. In this setting, my son feels comfortable and part of the fun/gang where he can reach out to other children and know that he will be supported in doing so."

- Ben's Dad

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