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What is Sports Plus?

We are a Montgomery County, Maryland based non-profit organization that offers instructional sports, swim, camp, social and pre-employment programs for children, teens and young adults, ages 5-25, with mild to moderate autistic spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities. Sports Plus was founded in 2005 by Tom and Natalie Liniak, the parents of two children, one of whom is on the autistic spectrum. Sports Plus’ mission is to continuously realize the athletic and social potential of its participants that might otherwise stay dormant for a lifetime.

Sports Plus programs feature innovative techniques, highly trained coaches with extensive sports and special needs experience, the participation of neurotypical siblings and a comfortable, supportive and productive environment for participants and their parents. Participants are challenged and empowered to improve their skills on an individual basis, so they gain confidence from a real and earned sense of accomplishment. Gains realized in programs are leveraged to more complex situations and transferred to different settings as participants progress and age.

Sports Plus programs are routinely recommended by many area doctors, therapists and schools as an important adjunct to treatment and educational plans. Sports Plus has earned regional and national awards for its excellence and innovation. The program’s success and its curriculum have also been studied by the University of Colorado and recognized by the Aspen Institute.

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